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Reasons of going "SOLAR"

As you see the illustration below why would you like to go solar is:

 #1 To lower your electrical bill.

#2 Invest for a  higher ROI

#3 Get federal & State TAX Credit.

Enjoy the Benefits

1. Lower Energy Cost

2. Protect against rising energy prices.

3. Maximize your return on investment.

4. Get your ITC (federal & state solar tax credit)

5. Help fight carbon footprint & conservation of resources. 

6. You may qualify for additional income (Electric supplier).

Do your HOMEWORK before you go solar...

   In the solar industry same like other industries (specially car sale), you’ll fill a push and a rush without too much explanation about warranty, ROI, payback time, own vs rent and other details which down the road can have big impact.

To have a positive experience please consider the following steps:

  •  Find a reliable Solar Company (Preferably Local). Try not to fill up any form from the internet as there are a lot of marketing company which will sale your information to the solar companies. If you do fill a form do it directly on the solar companies website.
  •  Find out if you can you offset your electrical bill.
  • Payback time. (avg. 4-6 years)
  • Workmanship Warranty. Usually for components you get the manufacture warranty. (avg. 20-25 years)
  • How soon will your system installed on the roof after you get the SMART Program approval. (2 weeks up to few months)




   Regarding “Solar System Maintenance” some of the companies will either upsell it or just make it as a bonus… 



   Solar panel systems are maintenance free if the components are of a good quality as well as high quality of labor (Or especially for the first 10 years) depends on the systems.

 For more details please Contact Us.

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Electric Car ?

   Electricity is cheaper than gasoline, so it costs less to fuel an EV than a gasoline powered car.

Or, you could consider installing a solar array to charge your EV, which could offset any charging costs, as well as granting you energy independence and eliminating any fossil fuel emissions. 



   Battery electric vehicles eliminate the need for oil changes, the most common type of maintenance performed on a gas-powered car. They also have fewer moving parts, which leads to less wear and tear on the vehicle, reducing maintenance costs and eliminating trips to the mechanic shop.


Electric Car Charger


   Gas-powered vehicles convert roughly 17 to 21 percent of the energy used into power. EVs are much more efficient, converting anywhere from 59 to 62 percent of the energy into power. 

More efficient use of energy means more savings in your pocket. 


   The US Government, as well as some state governments, offer tax credits, rebates and incentives to help support the adoption and use of EVs. You can potentially save thousands of dollars by adopting an EV.  

 Interested to learn more about incentives click here.


*The average EV uses 30 kWh/100 miles. Cost estimate uses average gas price in Massachusetts as of June 2019 ($2.70/gallon) and 22.5 cents/kWh for electricity.

Own an “Electric Car” or a “Battery Storage”

   Now with Eversource you can make some money. If you own an electric car or a battery storage pack Eversource will pay you if you’ll enroll in the program. Eversource’s ConnectedSolutions Demand Response programs are designed to help you better manage your energy, by allowing “Eversource” to adjust the energy use on select devices in your home during times of peak demand.

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