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Eversource Price Update

For Jan.1-July. 2022

Price of electricity rising this winter

The cost of electricity changes twice a year in Massachusetts for Eversource customers; Jan. 1.2022 and July 1.2022. This January, your electric bill will be higher because of the increased demand for natural gas and electricity.

What to EXPECT

  •    Eversource is required to file proposed rates with state regulators. If approved, the average residential customer that uses Eversource as their energy supplier using 500 kilowatt hours per month could see a 25%, or about $30, increase to their total bill compared with December.
  • Your total bill will depend on how much energy is used, the rate you are on, and weather conditions.
  • As a regulated energy distribution company, Eversource purchases electricity from wholesale suppliers on behalf of customers and passes the cost on with no profit to the company.   

Ways to lower your electric bill:

  • Sign up for a no-cost Home Energy Assessment. Whether you own or rent, you could receive energy-saving products and deeply discounted energy-saving home improvements so you can keep your home comfortable while saving money and energy. Cape Cod residents should visit

  • See how the weather impacts your bill and how small adjustments to your thermostat can help you save with our Heating Cost Calculator.

  • Even if you’ve never needed help before, you may now qualify for special programs to help lower your monthly bill, reduce your past due balance, or extended payment plans.

  • Install solar panels on your roof or a geothermal heating and cooling system.

Thinking on going solar?